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Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Cewek Bookingan Banjarbaru Kalimantan Selatan

I am Ayyu Lestari, 22 years old a ladies from Banjarmasin South Borneo I am sweet , kind, honest, well mannered, living in a healthy life style and easy to be with I am a type of person that loves to give satisfaction and happiness to my client,friends,and most specially those people that loves me I am very functional. I enjoy being on the top and bottom. (versatile) I am very private person i dont tell stories about my sexual experiences or anything that my give bad expression to others. Discretion and privacy are very important to me. All the contacts or info that you will give me is in most private place….. Never use forbidden drug and living on a healthy lifestyle.. For those TS curious dont be afraid to try new things… I am perfect for those first timer because i am sweet,kind and easy to be with… I can even give you a massage to keep you relax and remove all the negative things that may come to your mind… Thats all i can say for now because you will be the one who will judge me no matter what happen and hope to see you soon!!! 
***Ayyu Profle*** 
Age: 22 years old 
Gender: Female 
Height: (168cm) 
Weight: 55kg 
Bra: 38+ 
Skin: White 
Face: Banjar/Chinese 
Hair: red 
Body Built: Average to Slim 

if you want to ml with me, 
please WA:081649138778
with format (Name, In Banjarmasin at Hotel ..... , Date, Month,)
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